Slow Walking Meditation

I’m not really big on seated meditation for many reasons.  One being that sitting still is tough for me, especially if it is before a yoga practice.  I have to exert a lot of energy before I can practice non-movement.

So when I was introduced to movement meditation, it really grabbed my interest!

My first Yoga teacher who was from India taught me a technique for meditation called “Walking Meditation”.  It isn’t the typical walking mediation you read about when you do a google search.  You don’t have to walk any distance, go outside, or put on any shoes.  You walk in a small space (say your bedroom) at a snail’s pace.  Set your timer for 5 minutes and start to slowly walk.  Let your heel softly touch the floor first and then observe and feel how the rest of the foot reaches the floor.  I observe my surroundings and notice textures in the furniture that are in the room.  I notice and see things in my room I normally would not slow down enough to observe.  We walk so quickly through life.  This exercise really slows me down and clears my mind.  I start to feel an inner peace and some how, magically, an inner dialogue begins.  Once my mind clears, important and relevant topics surface, and I ask myself questions, and I receive answers from some where deep inside of me.  It is a wonderful practice and only takes a few minutes of your time.  Feel free to add minutes for deeper introspection.  Namaste