Exist Comfortably Here

The reason I love yoga so much is that it gently challenges me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. And if the challenge is too great for me, I can rest in child’s pose and try again later, if I wish. This process is comforting, gives me confidence and when I do lean into my tension and relax into a pose it teaches me the art of letting go.
My advice to anyone participating in yoga, do not feel pushed into any one style or be convinced that you need to excel and master power flows.  There is no destination in yoga.  Yes, you may get more flexible and get more comfortable in poses, but the key is to learn how to be comfortable in the present moment.
I recommend gentle Hatha Yoga first as a start. 
What you learn in your yoga class is what you carry with you in your daily life.
I did my first swing yoga class on the weekend and hanging upside down in a suspended hammock like device was a bit strange at first, and when my arms and head dangled a few inches above the floor, I heard my internal voice say “exist comfortably here.”
Thats’s it. That’s the lesson in Yoga. Exist comfortably here.  Even though your ass is in a sling and your world is turned upside down, you can still breathe, you can still focus and you can still survive.  Learn to exist comfortably in those moments. Know the challenging moments in your life are temporary, but acknowledge them, lean into them, and let go.  Before you know it your feet will be back on the ground and you will be wiser, stronger and braver than you ever were before.

“Exist comfortably here” is my new mantra and I welcome you to use it for yourself in those unexpected strange positions life sometimes puts you in.



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