OK, So What is Life Coaching?

Did you ever watch Survivorman, the show on the Discovery Channel? Les Stroud is a survival expert and he strands himself in remote locations and survives with his knowledge, common sense and survival skills.

I watched an episode this weekend and discovered that this show is life coaching 101.

This man is equipped with the skills and internal tools he needs to survive in extreme conditions. Well, that’s kind of what life coaching is like, and a life coach shares the knowledge of tools and skills they have learned and developed in order to not only survive, but to successfully navigate through the wilderness and jungles of everyday life.

In the episode I watched just this weekend, Les stated the following, which I thought was brilliant.

“It’s often thought that there are black and white answers to what someone must do in a survival situation. But there never is. It will always be an ordeal fraught with variables and circumstances that will dictate what my next move is. Its equal parts preparation, pro-activity and reacting to whatever I have to face.”

This is everyday life as well. We don’t need to be in a jungle with fire ants at our feet and a rain storm on our head to know how challenging life can be. Just walking through our daily life requires a skill set and preparation and pro-activity, just like Les said. And whatever we have to face, we can stare at it and deal with it and do the best we can with the tools we have. The thing is, that when you get life coached, you get more tools!

Happy surviving.


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